Enhanced Budweiser ShareLunker Database Now Online – Lake Mohave

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ATHENS, Texas — Big bass nerds everywhere take note:
Information about entries in the Budweiser ShareLunker program can now
be searched online.

– Lake Mohave

The on-line database has two modes, basic and advanced. The basic
mode allows online searches by season, reservoir and angler name. It
also includes links to photos of anglers and their fish where available.

To access the database, go to
and click on the button “Search ShareLunker Entries” under the picture.

Clicking on the advanced search button on the above page takes you
to a list of all ShareLunkers. This list can be sorted by date, angler
name, weight, length, girth, water body, day of week or moon phase
simply by clicking on the column heading. ShareLunkers that are current
water body records are also identified. Users can perform additional
searches using buttons provided at the top of the page.

A button on the advanced search page allows you to download an Excel
file to your computer that includes all the information above through
the 2004-2005 season. This file will be updated after the close of each
season, which ends April 30 each year.

Anglers legally catching a largemouth bass weighing 13 pounds or
more between October 1 and April 30 may enter the fish into the
Budweiser ShareLunker program by calling (903) 681-0550 or leaving a
page, including area code, at (888) 784-0600. The angler may choose to
have the fish returned after the spawning season or donate the fish to
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The Budweiser ShareLunker program is made possible through support
from Anheuser-Busch, Inc. Since 1991, Anheuser-Busch, in partnership
with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, has contributed millions
of dollars in funding to support conservation causes and fishing,
hunting and outdoor recreation programs in Texas.

– Lake Mohave


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