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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fish with a Nationally Ranked Professional Angler?

Judy Wong is a full time guide on Fayette County Lake when she’s not fishing the Bass’n Gals Pro circuit. She lives in west Houston with husband, Glenn and son, Scott, who is currently attending college.

She has enjoyed fishing all her life and started when her father took her fishing as a young girl. Three years ago Judy started fishing professionally and fished the Bass’n Gals circuit, qualifying for the Classic in her first year. In 78 and 89 she won two boats and has qualified for the Classic every year since fishing Bass’n Gals. Last year she finished in 5th place in the Angler of the Year race and is currently in 12th this year. Judy is sponsored by Red Wing Boat Company, Champion Boats, Zebco/Motorguide, Pradco, Culprit, Limberneck Spinner Baits and Gamagatsu.
When she’s not fishing in a Bass n Gals tournament or practicing for one she is guiding on Fayette County Lake, working a Boat Show for sponsor, Red Wing Boat Company, giving corporate seminars on Bass Fishing, and as if that’s not enough she gives of her time for charity work like the “Get Hooked on Fishing Not Drugs” program and the “Make a Wish Foundation”. Judy also volunteers her time for the “Sunshine Kids Tournament” sponsored by Houston Fish.

Fulfilling such a demanding schedule would not be possible, Judy says, without the support of her husband Glenn.

When she talks about her guide business her face lights up and you can tell she really enjoys this part of her profession. She especially enjoys mothers with children type trips where she gets to teach fishing. She is probably better suited for this kind of fishing because of her patience. A crusty old fishing guide might have less patience to deal with children.

Don’t be mislead though, this lady can hold her own with any guide when it come to catching fish.

Recently I called Judy to see if she was available for a photo session for one of her sponsors. I explained that I would prefer to get some photos of her on the water and ideally with a big fish. When faced with this challenge myself I usually think, “yeah right like I can go out any time I want and catch a big fish”, but she said OK and told me to meet her at Emmett’s and Velma’s Store on Hwy 159 near the Lake at 6:00 am later that week.

At 6:00 am later that week I’m setting in Emmett’s store solving world problems, with Emmett, over a cup of coffee and in walks this good looking lady dressed like a bass fisherman, Judy Wong. After chatting with Emmett awhile we headed for the Lake. I followed Judy in my boat so I could get some pictures. She started fishing shallow vegetation along the shoreline with various shallow running jerk baits. I’m staying close behind concentrating on getting some good pictures and enjoying the morning. After about an hour and only a couple of misses on the jerk baits I’m beginning to think that I’m glad I’m not in her position because I’d be getting awfully nervous without a fish by now, but Judy seemed quite relaxed and confident and continued to patiently and methodically work the shoreline cover that she had set out to fish. When she had finished the shoreline of that cove she moved out to deeper water to try some deep water structure. Not long after, she bowed up on what appeared to be a pretty good fish. I’m in a panic thinking this may be the only fish we get on and want to get some good pictures. Finally the fish blows up and it’s a five pounder. As though she was in a tournament Judy coolly played the fish to the boat, lands it and we get a few posed pictures then release the fish. Nice way to break the ice. About fifteen minutes later her rod doubles over again. Another fish close to 5 pounds.

With a big smile, Judy says, why don’t you do some fishing Pat? I’ve never been able to refuse a good challenge, and besides she had just boated two 5 pounders in the past fifteen minutes and I should easily be able to get a few good fish real quick.
An hour and a half later the score was Lady Angler 6, Photographer 2. I had just been given a first class fishing lesson. Out of eight fish or so in about two and a half hours Judy had put us on a couple three pounders, 2 fish between 3 and 4 pounds, four fish in the 5 pound range and a 7.5 pounder. That’s what I call producing under pressure. It’s easy to see why Judy has made the Classic all three years she has fished Bass’n Gals. In about three hours she had patterned the fish and produced the big fish I had asked for. This Lady is not just another pretty face but a very good professional angler.

For a great guide trip, with a Nationally Ranked Professional Angler, call Judy Wong at 713-933-9724 – Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu


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