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Fishing Report for
Lake Fork, Texas
May 8, 2006 by James Caldemeyer

May is a great month for fishing Lake Fork. Hard to believe
it is here again! Time flies when you’re having fun (or catching lots
of big fish). May is one of my favorite months here
at Lake Fork, as you can catch lots of fish and BIG ONES, at that. What
a combination!!! It’s the time big females that have spawned, pull out
of the spawning areas and start gorging themselves on just about
everything that passes by.

– Lake Havasu

Water clarity has been clear to stained, due to
the recent bit of rains. Water levels have been low,
still at 2’6″ from full pool. Temps are in the mid
70’s in most areas with some warmer water in the
shallow flats.

Fishing lately, has been fair to good for catching
quality fish, if the wind and rain doesn’t hamper your
efforts. To start out, you’ll want to try your top water baits
early. A yellow magic will usually get things going. I
am also throwing a frog over the grass and dipping it
down into the holes. The top water bite is just getting
started, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t catch
them in the area you are fishing.

As the month rolls on, you’ll be able to get a bite on top just about
anywhere you go. Right now, I am also keying on main
lake points, with timber, and flipping every tree or
stick-up with a Grande Bass 3″ Cannibal, in Watermelon
Red or Green Pumpkin/Watermelon. These little dudes
are deadly, in and around the trees! I’m rigging these
on my “flippin rod” with 20 lb Fluorocarbon, a 1/4 oz.
or 5/16 oz. weight, and a 3/0 hook in 5 to 12 ft of
water. Working this rig fairly slow, will also, get
you hooked up. Don’t hesitate to put a Grande
Bass “Mutant” on this same rig…as a Share-a-Lunker
was taken two weeks ago on this amazing new bait. You
can see pics of this HAWG and the bait that caught it
at —-WOW what a fish!!!
Don’t forget your wacky worms either. A 6″ Squirm
Worm in shades of watermelon or green pumpkin and a 5″
Grande Stick rigged Texas style (weightless) on a 4/0
hook, will do the job in these same areas mentioned.

The deep bite, is also getting started for all you
deep structure fisherman. Carolina Rigging deeper
humps, points and road beds, can produce some lunkers
and will get going even better, as summer approaches. You’ll
find me throwing a “Mutant” out there to catch these
deep fish. If you’ve had an opportunity to use this
bait this spring, wait until you see how it
does deep…WOOAH! “Get the Net!!” I prefer a 7ft Medium
rod for this type of fishing. I will rig it with 20 to 25 lb
monofilament line and a 3 to 4 foot 17 lb. fluorocarbon leader. This
helps get the bait up a little and gives the Mutant some great
action. I also like the 6″ Squirm Worm rigged this way
and the (soon to be out) fry bait. It is going to be
AWESOME! Best colors right now are watermelon red, green
pumpkin or June bug.

If you are planning, or thinking about coming down
to tackle these lunkers, feel free to give me a call
at (903) 736-9888. You can also email me @ or the website
I enjoy seeing my clients catch fish of a lifetime and
sharing together this beautiful lake that God has
created. I would like to thank God for making “all
things possible” and many thanks to my sponsors. I
wish everyone the best out there on the water and be

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer III

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no
other name under heaven given to men by which we must
be saved.” Acts 4:12

– Lake Havasu


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