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Date of Report: 2006/05/24
Texas Fishing Report
Fishing Area: Lake Palestine
Mattern Guide Service
Hello Everybody,

is our refuge and strength an ever present help in trouble. Therefore
we will not fear, though the Earth give way and the Mountains fall into
the heart of the Sea.

Well this week has been an unusal bite
going on. The bite has been slow with about 10 Bass comming to the boat
up to 4to 4.5 lbs.

The topwater bite has been off also. Though a
client from the Dallas area broke off 2 Big Bass on Plastic Frogs.
There are so many variations of Frogs on the Market but I noticed even
when I was recently on Sam Rayburn those Bass eat Frogs and they are
usually the Bigger Female Bass.

On Sam Rayburn they were working
the Ribbit Frogs. (Yum makes a Buzz Frog and Zoom makes a Horny Toad
and many others are out in the market. Use a 5/0 Wide Gap Hook and
Stanley makes a great Hook just for the Frogs), and reeling them fairly
fast over the Pepper grass and Hydrilla and catching some Big Bass.

know no matter how much you learn you always can learn alot more when
it comes to Bass fishing. The Client I had from Dallas this week had a
great testimony about what the Lord did in His Marriage to do the
impossible. Wow just hearing that testimony was better than catching a
10 lber.

But He was using Frogs and I was using poppers and the
Big ones were hitting His Frogs and I watched and learned something
about Big Bass and Frogs.

The recent storms that brough Hail and
heavy rains through the Wells and Lufkin Areas brought a run off to
Lake Palestine and the Lake rose another Foot or so. I like to Fish the
Back waters of Flat, Kickapoo, Chimmney Stone, Caney,Ledbetter and
Highsaw and Saline Bay and then Boathouses on the Main Lake and some of
the above mentioned creeks.

Because of the run off I noticed the
Bass were affected where the run off came in and filtered with the rest
of the areas in these areas. In a few days things will stabilize and
wow what great fishing we will be in for.

Topwater favorites
have been Frogs, poppers,Tiny Torpedoes in shad patterns mixeed with
blue backs. Watermelon colors on weightless Stinko Type Baits which is
made by Phantom Tackle an awesome bait. Chatterbox baits made by Rad
and Gambler in White and Bluegill have been working well also. Texas
rigged Creature baits in Watermelons have been working in the Channels
in these Areas.

Have a Safe memorial Week End. I am Booked
through the 29th of May so if you ewant to Book a trip after then just
e-mail me or call me at 903-478-2633 or 903-724-1203 and we will book
you in for a great day of Bass Fishing.

May God Bless, Don Mattern Sr. with Mattern Guide Sevice

Report Details
Fish Type: Largemouth Bass

Water Temperature: 77 to 85 deg F
Water Clarity: 1 foot
Water Depth: 5 to 10 ft

Bait and Tackle: Same

Charter and Angler Information
Report Submitted By: Capt. Don Mattern Sr.
Email Address:
Website: http://
Marina or Inlet Name: The Villages Marina
Charter Biz Phone: 903-478-2633
Submitted by:
Pro Fishing Charter or Guide – Mattern Guide Service

– Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu


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