Restocking of Hybrid Striper Bass in Lake Buchanan – 2007 – Lake Havasu

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The Lake Buchanan Conservation Corporation, in conjunction with Burnet County, Inks Lake Hatchery, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the LCRA will stock Lake Buchanan with 150,000 Hybrid Striper Bass in 2007. Burnet County is providing $15,000 to raise the fish from fry to fingerlings, Inks Lake Hatchery will raise them and Texas Parks and Wildlife will put the fish in the lake. The Lake Buchanan Conservation Corp. will purchase the fry from Keo farms in Arkansas and deliver them to the Hatchery. On April 3, 2007 the fry were placed on order. The LCRA has donated $1000 to the Conservation Corp. to help publicize the activity.
In 2006, the Lake Buchanan Conservation Corporation put 500,000 Hybrid Striper fry in the lake in May.
The lake Buchanan Covervation Corp. is a non profit corporation dedicated to preserving and improving the Lake Buchanan area. Check their web site at:
Submitted by George Bold – President of the LBCC. New user of this web site.

– Lake Havasu

– Lake Havasu


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