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BLM seeks public comment on Draft Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is seeking public comment on a Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for nearly 1.4 million acres of public lands located southwest of Phoenix in parts of Maricopa, Pinal, Pima, Gila and Yuma Counties, Arizona. The BLM Lower Sonoran Field Office (LSFO) manages these lands, including the Sonoran Desert National Monument. Comments must be submitted by Nov. 25, 2011.

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A Lake of Contrasts

 Lake Mojave is an incongruity – blue, sparkling water in one of the driest regions of the continent. The waters of the Colorado derive from rain and snow melt in the high mountains of Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. The river works its way through the canyon lands and finally reaches the sere, brown treeless landscape of Arizona and Nevada. The drought lands of these two states, even before human water withdrawals, demand more water from the river than they give – the evaporation off Lake Mead is greater than Nevada’s total legal water allotment. And yet we go boating on clear, blue shimmering water in the middle of the Great American Desert.

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Critical Texas Bass River Named ”Water To Watch” For 2011 – Lake Mohave

AUSTIN – The Llano River in Texas has been named one of 10 “Waters to Watch” for 2011 in the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. The watch list doesn’t necessarily indicate waters in trouble, but points to those that will benefit from strategic conservation efforts to protect, restore or enhance them, thus providing models for good work elsewhere.

– Lake Mohave

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