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(I-Newswire) – On a local Minnesota fishing website, many fishermen are expressing their outrage at PETA’s aggressive anti-fishing campaign. In response to recent posts on My Fishing Pals’ message forum ( www.myfishingpals.com ), anglers from across Minnesota are showing a united front against the efforts of PETA. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and other animal rights groups are aggressively attempting to inhibit all hunting and fishing in Minnesota and other states. These groups are intently focusing their attack on sport fishing, a traditional Minnesota pastime. PETA’s message is that recreational anglers cause extreme and needless pain to fish and bait. Their agenda is to heighten the public’s awareness to the killing of any fish or animal. In addition, they desire to promote animal rights at the grassroots level, spreading awareness in communities and making sure their message is visible and heard.

– Lake Mohave

To spread their animal rights agenda on a
public fishing forum, though, is a slap in the face to all who enjoy
hunting and fishing, especially in a state like Minnesota. Known as the
“land of 10,000 lakes,” Minnesota offers some of the best hunting and
fishing in the nation and these traditions are considered Minnesota’s
heritage, recreation, and a vital part of the State’s economy. Regular
members of the forum are expressing their rights to hunt and fish and
the positive role they play in wildlife management. They are telling
PETA to “…go home, we don’t want you here.”

My Fishing Pals ( www.myfishingpals.com
) originated in 2003 as a hobby-fishing site that welcomes Minnesota
fishermen to share fishing reports, information, and other items
related to fishing. In 2005 a controversial forum was created on the
site so that Minnesota fishermen could address fishing and hunting
issues. These controversial forums have become an avenue for hunters
and fishermen to voice their opinions and concerns and, at times,
defend traditional Minnesota values.

– Lake Mohave


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